Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Keeping Your Garage Door Lubricated 102

Now is the time to lubricate your Garage door. It is the largest moving part in your home and yet it usually gets the least amount of attention. With the winter months coming on and the rain that usually comes with the winter months, the garage door rollers and springs will start to rust. You will need a light weight spray lubricate to start with.  You will want to spray the hinge pivot points and then the roller its self. Be sure to lubricate all hinges and rollers. Next lubricate the torsion spring. Below you can see a photo of the torsion spring . Just spray it from side to side then run the door up and down to make sure it gets in between the coils. Remember the springs are under pressure be very cautious when around them even while lubricating. Next time we will show you how to lubricate you garage door opener.

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