Friday, February 25, 2011

Is liftmaster really the best Garage Door Opener?

Liftmaster Vs Genie

Ok let's not start fist flying all you Genie fans. Simply put after 20 years of experience with garage door openers Lift master is the best. What would be nice is if I had a dollar for every time I did say that about them. They work straight out of the box. They are very consistent in figuring any problems they might have way before sending the units out to the public. We had the opportunity to meet someone who build the testing equipment for liftmaster and he let us in on some information about the company. He revealed to us that if one remote test bad the will not chance it and send it out. It all goes back for retesting. They have proved to be the best over the last 20 years. No I do not work for them. We are a small company that just like good products.

The most popular opener we sell is the belt drive model 3280 known for it' smooth quite operation. Next would be the 3240 screw drive and last the chain drive model 3265. If you pick one of the 3 you can't go wrong. Questions about choosing a garage door opener? Call us at 1-800-864-5701

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Garage Door Monitor Tells you when your door is up or down.

No more getting out of bed and stumbling downstairs to check if the garage door is closed. The LiftMaster® Garage Door Monitor tells you if your garage door is open or closed from any room in your home.  Really easy to install probably take you all of 10 minutes to give you peace of mind at night.
  It is amazing how many times that you will find the door open when you thought you had shut it. It is scary to think all night long you left your door open.! Here's how it happens you hit your garage door button it starts down and you go inside not waiting to watch it close fully. The door travels down almost closes and then right back up while you are now resting comfortably in your chair thinking your door is closed, but it's not!

With this garage door monitor you can sit in your chair and see if  the door is up or down by the green or red light that is on the monitor. When the door is open the lights red. When it's closed the light is green. That's it simply put. Everyone should have a garage door monitor for your peace of mind or your wifes:)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Balancing Your Garage Door

Balancing a garage door is not a circus act. It is a relationship between the weight of the garage door and the springs that counter the weight.  There is a simple way to check the balance of your garage door. An out of balance door will put extra load on your opener and can cause the opener to fail early.

To perform the test, close the door normally, detach your automatic opener. Stand at the middle of the door and lift it to the halfway mark and carefully let go. If the door closes with dramatic movement be ready to grab it.

If the door closes quickly then the spring tension is too weak; if the door continues to open the spring tension is too great. What you are looking for is no movement or very little. If the door stays in the position you put it in, you can continue on with your basic maintenance or inspections. If the door continues to move it will need additional adjustments.

We recommend that if you have a torsion spring system you call a professional. These springs hold hundreds of pounds of torque and if adjusted improperly can result in serious injuries.

Extension springs can run parallel to the track and can be adjusted. Keep in mind you should always have safety precautions in mind.

A balanced garage door will keep your automatic opener happy. Should you need to manually use your garage door it will operate easily and with proper balance.

Should you need a professional or technical support Call Us At 800-864-5701