Saturday, October 29, 2011

Garage doors

The difference that a new "modern" garage door can make to your home is endless.  We have most any style you could want to accent your home, from wood grain, to wood grain look, to long or short panels, there are lots of styles to choose from.

You can add windows, trim on the windows to dress it up, there is a large selection of windows and trim to choose from to customize your garage door. You can even choose Decraglass or Decratrim for a unique look that is all your own.

In our showroom not only do we have actual garage doors for your convenience but also we have brochures to let you be in control of how you want your garage door to look.  We sell the Oak Summit Collection and the Heritage Collection as well as the Stratford Collection.  You can view and decide if you want the 1000 (single layer of steel) or the 2000 ( layer of steel and vinyl backed insulation) or the 3000 (double  layer of steel with insulation).

We have several colors to choose from to match your home, you can also customize your panels from short panels to long panels, flush panels or ribbed.

You can also add hinges and hardware to give it an authentic look.

The possibility's are endless.

Please feel free to come in to our showroom and let us show you all the different selection and pricing for your garage door needs.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Code of Conduct

This is the code of conduct we promise to adhere to!!!

Customer Satisfaction. Of utmost importance to dealers is customer satisfaction.  Dealers should establish customer satisfaction as a top priority, and deal with all complaints in an honest, fair and timely manner.

Truth in Selling.  Dealers should avoid misleading selling techniques and practices that encourage customers to purchase unnecessary products or services.  The necessity and reasons for the selling of enhanced products should be documented in writing to customers.

Responsible Conduct.  Dealers should avoid conduct or practices likely to discredit their companies or the door and access systems industry as a whole, and shall honor their obligations and commitments to customers, employees and suppliers.  Dealers should avoid discrediting their competition or customers.

Truth in Advertising.  Advertising, corporate and product literature, letters, and sales presentations should be strictly truthful, avoiding claims which are misleading or accurate.

Product Installation.  Products shall be installed in accordance with the specific installation instructions provided by the product manufacturer.

Safety Compliance.  Dealers shall provide a safe working environment for employees and shall comply with applicable safety regulations.  In addition, dealers shall inform customers regarding safety features of products and safety precautions to be taken in the operation and maintenance of a door system.

Contracts.  All contracts, verbal and written, shall be free of ambiguities or omissions that may obscure or confuse either party's obligations.

Consultation Services.  A door & access systems dealer's professional knowledge is a valuable result of their training and experience, and when called upon for service or for technical advice, it is proper that they be paid for rendering these services.  If applicable, such charges should be acknowledged by the dealer prior to providing the service or technical advice.

Negotiated Agreements.  The code recognizes the important role of contract negotiation in which a single door & access systems dealer is selected on merit, followed by the development of required construction details and costs.  Negotiated agreements should be in writing for the protection of the dealer and dealers customers.

Bid Procedures.  When the sealed bid process is utilized, the following should apply : Dealers should not seek to obtain price information concerning a competitor's bid or proposal before all bids are submitted.

Proposal Compliance.  Proposals and product installation shall comply with all applicable building codes, ordinances, regulations and laws.

Warranties.  Dealers shall present all warranties in writing, and shall respond to warranty service on a timely basis.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Are You Ready For Winter???

The chilly weather is making it's way here and soon the cold!!!

You need to be one step ahead with your garage door and opener. Check and maintain your track, gears, springs and rollers to make sure they are in good condition and properly maintained. Also, be sure to check the weatherseal along the bottom of your garage door, if it is cracked, torn or has come loose it will allow cold air to come in underneath the door. If there is a draft around the top and sides of your door, we carry a perimeter seal that can be installed and help with that. It is always best to have a professional check your door each year to insure everything is working properly. We have trained technicians ready to serve you, we are just a phone call away. 

Maybe you are the do-it-yourself type, we carry a Maintenance Pack that includes all the lubricants you will need and instructions to maintain your door and opener. You can purchase from any of our technicians or stop by our showroom and check out the changes that we have going on, when you want the best in technology, we have the answer for you.

Friday, October 7, 2011

A surefire way to keep anyone from entering through your garage door unless you want them to

Easily opens garage doors with advanced fingerprint sensor technology, Your unique fingerprint assures safe, convenient access to the largest door in your home.  You do not have any passcodes or pins to remember and you can store up to 10 fingerprints. It does have the rolling code technology, easy programming in just 4 steps, its wireless, weatherproff and has a slide up cover.

We set one up in our showroom and it works like a champ.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Garage door opener surge protector

Is your garage door opener protected from electrical storms and power surges? This piece of technology can literally save us as homeowners money and give us peace of mind. When the electrical storm is raging outside we can be assured our garage door opener is safe, and it is easy to install. I know when a storm is raging outside I am have made sure my electronics and appliances have a surge protector, and now peace of mind in knowing my garage door opener is also safe from surges.