Tuesday, December 27, 2011

For the DIY customers

We have some customers that like to do the work on the garage door and garage door opener themselves and for those customers we do have or can always get the materials that are needed.  We carry different size extension springs, and if we don't have it we can get it. (Torsion springs we cannot sell for liability reasons, but we do have them and can install for you).  Also, for the garage door we have weather seal for the bottom or for the perimeter. We can even get you panels for most garage door's depending on the age and style of the door. We have hardware such as handles, locks, hinges, rollers, operator brackets the list goes on and on. For the garage door opener we sell, gear and sprocket sets, limit switches, trolley assembly's,motor capacitor, logic boards and anything else that can be replaced. We also have the lubricants, wax and grease to keep the parts lubed up and in working order. Of course, we also sell the wall buttons, remotes, keypads.  So DIY'ers we have you covered.  Give us a call at 817.265.2563

Friday, December 16, 2011

Garage door

Garage doors come in so many different styles and colors, This picture is a Classica, adds style and charm to your home, it comes with different styles of windows and window inserts and can be chosen to fit your own personal favorites.

This is an Oak Summitt garage door, it also has many varieties to choose from including windows and the inserts to compliment your home.

This is another series Heritage that we offer as well, you can receive a brochure to see all the different styles as well as the window, and large selection of inserts, hardware etc.

This is a Stratford, call or come by for your brochures on these popular doors or better yet have our Tech come out and let him show you all the different designs, colors, panels, window and window inserts. He can help you decide what door you want and that will help in assisting to making your home personal. Give us a call today.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Cold weather is here!!!!

I know we have been over this before but wanted to re-post as a reminder.  I do know alot of people go into there garages for whatever reason, some have washers and dryers, some have games to play out there and some just to gaze out the windows and see what is going on outside but still from the comfort of a closed door. Whatever the reason that we spend time in our garages it is pretty nice when there is no cold or chilly weather blowing from under the door or from around the sides or top. Before it gets to cold be sure and check the bottom weather stripping to check for chinks, tears or missing pieces. Also if there is air coming in from around the sides or top we have the perimeter seal, that comes in several colors to match your trim or door. When it gets cold is a good time to grease and lubricate your rollers, door track as well as your opener track, if you don't have the correct lubricants we do have our maintenance pack that comes with the spray lube and tube of grease as well as the wax stick and instructions on what to lube and grease.  You can also give us a call and we can make an appointment to come out and do a yearly maintenance on your garage door and opener, our technician will inspect your springs, cables, rollers, track's and your opener, it's also a great time to check your remotes and keypad batteries, in our showroom we do have batteries available for you. If you really want it warmer you can even add insulation to your door to make it more climate controlled as well as a stronger door.